PEOPLE in Trowbridge have been busy knitting poppies for a cascade to be draped down St James’ Church this year’s Remembrance Day.

Hundreds of the knitted poppies have been brought into Trowbridge Information Centre where staff have spent days assembling the 10ft cascades, which were put up today.

Local businesses have also pitched in to help, with Shaws in Castle Place donating 45 poppies.

Laura Grey, customer services advisor at Trowbridge town council, said: “We have seen such a huge interest in people wanting to knit their own poppies which is just so great to see.

“Each poppy takes about one hour to knit, which really makes you appreciate just how many hours people have put in.

“We also have had a few purple poppies knitted to represent the animals lost due to war, and also white poppies to represent the widows and families left behind.”

Customer services advisor Mike Holden has also been helping to put the cascades together.

He said: “This is just a lovely thing that the community can get involved with.

“We were so pleased with the amount of poppies brought in, we still have loads in boxes to use up.”

As well as the cascade for St James Church, poppies have been used to make a memorial wreath for the late councillor Graham Payne, as well as memorial plaques to honour individuals lost in wars.

Mr Holden added: “Graham was in the services so there is a big connection there.

“We thought the wreath would be a really nice idea. It has a poppy with a black outline at the top to represent his services connections.”