A MOBILE phone was stolen from a house in Trowbridge whilst a sofa was being delivered which had been purchased through Facebook.

On October 31 at 8pm, the seller entered the house to deliver the sofa and is thought to have made off with the mobile phone.

A police spokesman said: "Most burglaries are opportunistic. Always close and lock doors and windows when you go out – even if just for a short time – and when you go to bed at night. Don’t forget doors into garages and conservatories.

"Make sure your locks and security measures comply with your insurance requirements.

"Join or start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Membership of a scheme is a proven deterrent to burglars.

"Keep keys, including shed and car keys, in a place where they’re not visible to anyone looking in. Don’t leave keys in the door, and never hide a spare key outside.

"Keep valuables hidden and not visible from windows."