WESTBURY: Planning permission has been granted to build a valeting workshop on Storridge Farm, Storridge Road.

The issues assessed in the determination of this application were principle of the development, flood risk, visual impact, impact on neighbour amenity and highway issues.

The Wiltshire Council drainage team originally opposed to the application due to the proposed site being in a flood zone, however more information and assessments were carried out and were accepted.

The application site is located to north-east and south-east of existing commercial and industrial units and therefore the proposed unit would be in-keeping with the wider appearance of existing units.

WESTBURY: Planning permission for the change of use of an agricultural building to a work unit and the Potting Shed to tourist accommodation has been refused at Ganders Heath, Farm Lane, Chapmanslade.

The main issues with the application were principle of the development, impact on character and appearance of the area and residential amenity.

Chapmanslade Parish Council objected due to it being located in the country-side and outside of the Village Building line, conflicts with previous approvals, there is no justification to live on site, access and traffic generation and parking.

The residential building does not represent a high quality design and is an eye sore to the open countryside, introducing an urbanising effect that harms the rural character and appearance of the area.

The access track which serves the site is unsuitable to accommodate the increase in cars and vehicle movements arising from the development proposal.

CHIPPENHAM: Planning permission was granted to reduce the height of a ash maple leaf tree by 2.5 metres, a bay tree by 1.5 metres, a Eucalyptus tree by 2 metres, a variegated maple tree by 2 meters and a beech tree by 2 metres in Pulens Church Road, Luckington.

The work shall be carried out and completed within a two year period and the applicant has been told it is an offence to disturb or harm any protected species, or to damage or disturb their habitat or resting place.

BRADFORD ON AVON: Planning application for a garden cabin to be used as an intervention area for vulnerable children has been granted planning permission at Winsley Church Of England Primary School, Tyning Road Winsley (pictured).

The application is for the construction of a single storey timber constructed garden cabin that would be sited within the school grounds of the primary school and would be used by its pupils.

The parish council has raised the concern about the possibility of the school taking in additional pupils, discussions with the Head Teacher of the school has confirmed that this would not be the case and that the proposed timber building would only be utilised by existing school children.

In terms of amenity, the cabin would be sited on land belonging to the school adjacent to an existing mobile classroom. The proposal would also be adjacent to the front car parking area of number two Whitehorse Road, separated by a distance of 12 metres between the two.

MARLBOROUGH: Planning application has been refused to demolish commercial and agricultural buildings in Meadow Farm, Jockey Green, Great Bedwyn, and redevelop the site to build five houses.

Great Bedwyn Parish Council objected to the proposal due to the development being outside the village development boundary and it being of a different character to the existing ribbon development along Brook Street.

The proposed development breaks the building line along Brook Street and may provide a precedent for development behind the existing houses on both sides of the road.

There is no pavement along Brook Street and even short journeys are likely to be by car particularly if involving children or the elderly. There has also been serious flooding to a property in Frog Lane below this site.

The existing use provides cheap space for small local business and the resulting local employment.