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Thank you all

A HEARTFELT thank you to the people of Trowbridge who once again gave so generously to the Poppy Appeal. From the Mayor’s kind and supportive words at our launch, to the support of the cadet organisations - including the Police cadets for the first time this year - to the words, stories, jokes and kindness at our static points around the town, it has once again been wonderful, enjoyable and rewarding event to be involved in.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, in the villages and neighbourhoods, my RBL colleagues who just continue to give, of their time, expertise and effort, and to all those – with and without any military connection at all – who accept the donations. Lyn and her team of volunteers have so far banked just over £40,000 - an amazing sum of money – and there is some way still to go. On behalf of the Service family, thank you very much indeed everyone.

Rick & Lyn Owen, Poppy Appeal Organisers, The Royal British Legion in Trowbridge

Wise spending?

THE recent flooding in parts of the country, with the promise of more to come, suggests to me who lives in a flood zone that Wiltshire Council were rather premature in leasing, at a cost of £500,000, 24 gritting lorries for this coming winter.

The money would have been better spent on some liferafts to ferry us to safety.

Likewise, to spend another fortune on changing the county’s laughable logo, why not just change the Every in Everybody to a No. Money saved could be used on roads and pavements

Gareth Jones, Abbey Mill, Church Street, Bradford on Avon

What’s in a name?

I NOTICED walking through the park yesterday, that ‘St Georges works’ has been signposted in huge letters as St George’s works.

So use of apostrophe? That means St George IS works, and I am sure that is not what the owner of the building meant.

A shocking misspelling on a very prominent building.

Dawn Cleaver, Trowbridge

North/South divide

IT MAY seem strange with all the rain we have had recently but the trend in recent years has been reduced rainfall in the south of England.

Swindon is now officially in a water stressed zone and the water companies are signalling lower levels in the reservoirs.

I would like to ask the candidates for election whether they think it is wise to continue to allocate major housing to the South of England? Should it go to brownfields in the North and Midlands along with funding for infrastructure there? And should all new housing in the south have water recycling built in and be energy generating as well as energy efficient?

One candidate at the hustings in Pewsey mentioned the need to balance North and South.

Charmian Spickernell, Pewsey

Is bridge at fault

EVERY time I drive through Seend on the A361 I find myself wondering if I’ll find that another vehicle has hit Baldham Bridge & temporary traffic lights have been put in place. On Thursday morning I found the traffic lights in place & a large hole in the stonework.

I’m pretty certain this is the third time in a year that part of the bridge has been pushed into Semington Brook.

After the last accident improvements were made to the bridge approach but it seems that short of re-aligning the road & installing a modern bridge (I believe the existing one is a listed structure) then this sort of accident is going to keep on happening.

I have my own theory as to why, but it would be interesting to hear what other readers think.

Paul Putnam, The Old Builders Wharf, Honeystreet, Pewsey

Honouring fallen

I AM acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Busan, South Korea, where over 800 British Servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there, and also of those who died but have no known grave (200 +).

Copies of the photographs will be placed in the man’s records, and will also be displayed on the walls of the Cemetery Hall of Remembrance, for all time.

The following are just some of the young men from the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire areas who gave their lives in Korea:

Flt/Lt John E. Young (RAF); Maj Wilfred G. Harris; Pte Brian G. Gallop; 2nd Lt Terence E. Waters; Pte George Davies; Pte Victor T. Bowl; Pte Frederick W. Bartlett; Mne Keith D. Hitchman (RM); Pte Peter D. Hone; LA/C Kenneth Goodfield (RAF) Rfn; Samuel F. Ellsmore; O/S Ronald A.J. Godsall (RN).

Any family, or friend, who lost a loved one in the Korean War 1950-53 and wish to take part in this project can send the photograph to me.

If more information is required call 0161 368 5622/07467 037742/email

Brian Hough, 116 Fields Farm Road, Hyde SK14 3NP

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