CYGNETS Pre-school in Westbury is to expand its service into Bratton, it was announced this week.

The charity has negotiated with Bratton Parish Council to open a new Cygnets setting in the Village Pavilion early next year.

The closure of Bratton Pre-school in September left many families in the village and surrounding area without childcare.

Now Cygnets has launched a crowdfunding appeal to undertake a significant refurbishment of the Pavilion to ensure it complies with all regulations to provide a suitable environment for the new pre-school.

Emma Osmond, manager of Cygnets and a Bratton resident, said: “We are enormously excited at the prospect of bringing Cygnets to Bratton.

“The support we have received so far from the parish council and the village community has been quite incredible.

“As a charity, Cygnets relies heavily on donations and support from volunteers. We have already secured a number of grants for funding and been overwhelmed with offers of assistance with the renovation work.

“The project is still in its early stages, but we are looking forward to recruiting a new dedicated team and getting to work.”

Major changes to the Pavilion will include the addition of smaller toilets for children, disabled facilities and a new kitchen.

The work will be carried out by a team of volunteers, with donations of new fixtures and fittings already secured.

Cygnets will offer childcare in the new Bratton setting to match that already offered in Westbury for ages two to four. The pre-school plans to open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

It will mirror Cygnets’ existing approach to childcare and learning. The environment will promote learning through play, with indoor and outdoor resources and a focus on curiosity-inspiring objects made from a range of natural materials.

Jeff Ligo, chair of Bratton Parish Council said: “The Parish Council is delighted that agreement has been reached with Cygnets to achieve the pre-school in the Council’s Pavilion on the Green.

“The project has the unanimous support of the council and they will now work with Cygnets to bring it to fruition as soon as possible.

“Some in the village have reservations about the loss of the Pavilion as a space available for other groups but the council is committed to help those who will have to re-locate find new accommodation.

“Already the council has agreed to give a small grant to the Toddler Group so they can transfer to the Church Institute.

“The loss of the pre-school earlier this year met with great disappointment in the village but the commitment of Emma Osmond from Cygnets to plug this gap, indeed to increase the operating hours to five days a week, has been outstanding in driving the project forward.”

To donate to the appeal, go to For more information on Cygnets please visit