THIS week we brought to you news that patients are being left waiting for up to 12 hours at Great Western Hospital.

The general hospital used by most patients from Devizes and Marlborough has one of the worst accident and emergency waiting times in the country.

This puts GWH 220th out 230 health trusts across the country for this category and is its worst performance this year.

Here is what you had to say on facebook:

Lindy Jackson: I appreciate hospitals are busier now as there are far more people around but if parents stopped turning up with a child with a simple virus then waiting times would be cut. I was seen and discharged within the 4 hours permitted (just).

Tony Batchelor: That’s because the hospital is too small for the catchment area. I have been in and out of this hospital as an inpatient and outpatient for four and a half years. I have nothing but praise for the service and medical care I have been given.

Stephanie Sharpe: I cant fault this hospital my son received amazing care when taken in. I agree that the amount of people going to A and E is to many for the overworked staff there. But its not the hospitals fault.

Beverley Bailey: Neither can I my mum was taken in early yesterday they couldn’t have been nicer so busy beds on corridors but they were looked after can’t thank the paramedics doctors nurses cleaning staff and volunteers enough.

Katie Matthews: That’s because we only have one hospital to cover such a wide area. I have been there lots this year, with many different family members and I can’t fault them at all. I was astonished the pressure the staff are under, working with full capacity people on trollies all over the place. I think we have a lot to be grateful for. We do not publish all the good this hospital does every second of the day.

Trev Marsden: Dreadful A&E, been in Hospitals all around the UK and that was by far the worst.

Jeff Kirk: Now is the time to build a New Hospital,as the population of Wiltshire grows.

Kenna Louise: 11 hours in Swindon A&E for them to just read an xray. I’m absolutely livid.

Caroline Yeates: And I’m sure it will only get worse, you cannot continue to build more and more houses and not add more to the infrastructure

AFTER news that Wiltshire Council has secured £75m to build a relief road in Chippenham, protestors have renewed their objections to the plan which would also bring 7,500 new houses to the town.

People who know Chippenham best are being asked to tell Wiltshire Council what they really think about plans to spend £75 million on a new relief road.

The council is to hold pop-up events over the next two weeks following a mixed reaction to the grant from the government's Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Val Melville: Chippenham definitely needs another route around town. north-south-west is fine, but everything from the east has to channel through the Bridge Centre (or divert through very unsuitable lanes) and it’s not sustainable.

Denise Barrett: As long as they don't take all the green space away what they do in a lot of places when they come along and build new houses and new roads.

Robin Hodson: I'm seeing a subtle connection with my council tax increasing by 2K.

Teresa Thomasson: A road all the way round will help keep traffic out of the town.

Andy Stratford: Put new walk ways instead of bypass.

ANGRY Trowbridge people took to the streets to take action, after chainsaw-wielding workmen started cutting down trees near their homes.

People living along Wiltshire Drive poured onto the Newland Homes development, where houses are being built on the former West Wiltshire District Council base, to protest at the tree felling.

Jane Millard: Also Brooke Rd have had lots of trees cut down so now we are looking at houses instead of lovely trees.

Debbie Betteridge: Trowbridge planners at it again.

Mark Angell: Wish they sort the trees/brambles by us only a matter of time before a child is caught by one going to/from school.

Sarah Romain: It would be nice to also know the reason why all the tall trees along Seymour Road at the bottom of the Cricket club were felled too?

Mandy Bird: Absolutely bloody disgraceful probably cut them all down and build another 20 bloody houses.