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Why no centre?

IT IS very disappointing to learn that the Health Centre on the old East Wing site opposite County Hall is not to go ahead. I can’t believe that it is the flooding possibility, as techniques are available to deal with that threat.

I wonder what the Wiltshire planners now have in mind for the site. I was not impressed with the previous proposals. They were the typical Trowbridge mediocrity with a very limited imagination shown in the layout and size of buildings. Could I ask them through the Times to exercise a little more ambition and recognise that this site opposite County Hall is perhaps one of the two most important sites in Trowbridge?

If the professional planners do not have the vision, then could our elected representatives please exercise some initiative and help them?

David Feather, Broadley Park, North Bradley, Trowbridge

Thanks to you all

ON behalf of the Trowbridge branch of Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG), I would like to thank all the people who attended our charity bingo at the Wesley Road Club in Trowbridge on Friday. The event raised £637.

Special thanks go to the Wiltshire Times, for publishing my notification letter prior to the event; the steward of the club for use of the club facilities; Ernie the caller; all those people who donated raffle prizes and Tesco and Asda supermarkets, which were also generous with raffle donations.

Jeff Law, Committee member, BCUSG

This is not wrong

IN fairness to the owner of the building, I write in response to the letter from Dawn Cleaver (Wiltshire Times 22 November). She states that the new signage on St George’s Works has an errant apostrophe. It does not.

Rather than used to indicate a contraction (the missing letter ‘I’ she suggests), the apostrophe indicates possession and is perfectly correct. Rather than ‘a shocking misspelling on a very prominent building’ I am pleased to see the correct use of a grammatical rule.

Tim Angell, Trowbridge

Questions to ask

AHEAD of the General Election, 32 equality and human rights organisations have joined together to publish a Manifesto for Women and Girls.

The manifesto highlights entrenched and widespread problems which make for uncomfortable reading. Behind the shocking statistics lies the everyday experiences of many women and girls.

The manifesto is designed to support voters in talking about these issues with their political candidates irrespective of their party.

One of the five priorities is lifting women and children out of poverty. You have reported recently on the rise in demand for foodbanks in the area and the latest figures from End Child Poverty show that in north Wiltshire constituencies, one in four or five children now live in poverty.

I urge people to read the manifesto which is brief and powerful, and to press their parliamentary candidates for policy changes which will support equality for women.

Caroline Barlow, Women’s Equality Party member, The Hamlet, Chippenham

Christian vote call

THERE are many Christians who read your newspaper who can be an influential force in the forthcoming General Election. They have already been given a clear message from the Gospels to put themselves last and to place their neighbour first, especially if their neighbour has a much greater need.

Can I therefore ask all who own an allegiance to a loving Christ to initially wipe clean their present political slate. Delete all past party or voting allegiance and attachments to any of the candidates.

Then begin to pray seriously, and in praying to look closely at the world and its people around you. Notice the needs of the many who have difficulty in putting food on the table to feed their family. See those, who because of poverty, cannot find a home to live in or are forced to live in appalling, cramped conditions.

When you have prayed and tried to stand in the shoes of such as these, and many more who currently find life so very difficult, please then, and only then, consider very, very carefully which of the political parties have in the past and is likely in the future to be the one which has some semblance of humanity and compassion in its veins.

Which party, by really sharing and caring, will definitely make a difference to those in our society who have needs so much greater than yours and who today lead such disadvantaged lives.

Christians, please pray and then make a real difference by the way you vote in this election that many who have for so long been forgotten and neglected may soon experience new hope for a more worthwhile life

Alan Scotford, Marshfield Road, Chippenham

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