WEST Ashton Parish Council has asked for its own Community Governance Review to avoid delaying its neighbourhood plan.

Chairman Richard Covington said the move would "safeguard" the council's ability to meet its neighbourhood plan objectives.

The move follows Trowbridge Town Council's request for a boundary review of land within the West Ashton parish.

Mr Covington said the parish "opposes" the Trowbridge Town Council land grab.

He added: "West Ashton's emerging neighbourhood plan has been adversely affected by delays by Wiltshire Council issues."

The request by West Ashton parish council would focus on land allocated for housing development.

This would include the Ashton Park housing development, land formally known as 'land west of Biss Farm', which has been subject to planning permissions since 1999, and the Old Farm estate, the former site of Larkrise Farm, which would be next to the re-routed A350 in the parish.