A nine-year-old Westbury schoolgirl has lost 14 inches of hair - but it's all in a good cause.

Lilly Goodall had 14 inches cut off her long locks to raise £750 for the Little Princess Trust.

The trust provides free real hair wigs to children and young people suffering from hair loss through cancer and other illnesses.

Mobile hairdresser Paige Ranger cut Lilly's hair was cut shorter at her home in Springfield Road in Westbury.

Her proud parents Daniel and Natasha Denaro, said: "We are super proud and it melts our hearts our daughter is so loving and caring and at this time of year it feels more highlighted.

"We would like to thank Paige Ranger for finding time in her schedule to cut Lilly’s hair.

"Her football team Warminster Sky Blue FC have been very supportive. The players and parents and the encouragement has kept everyone very positive."

To donate, go to Lilly’s campaign at www.justgiving.com /fundraising/ daniel-denaro.