HEARTBROKEN parents Natasha Ashmore and Bryan Packham are raising money for charity in memory of their beloved son Albie.

He died aged just 13 weeks after surgery because of a heart condition.

Natasha and Bryan, of Corsham, are raising money for their son’s headstone.

And anything more will go to the Above and Beyond charity for Bristol Children’s Hospital and Ronald Mcdonald House.

Albie was born with atrial septal defect – a hole in the heart. He was taken to RUH in Bath for treatment before being transferred to Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Natasha said: “It was hard that Albie had this condition but he came off treatment and was on medication which kept it under control so he was doing really well.

“We went home for a couple of weeks but he was having trouble breathing.”

Albie was transferred after he was losing weight and retaining fluid.

“He very quickly deteriorated and got a norovirus. With cardiac babies a cold is never a cold. Their breathing is already laboured soit can be life threatening,” said Natasha.

“After a scan, he got moved up the list for open heart surgery, which is usually done at six months.

“His breathing got bad and his oxygen levels would drop.

“They took bloods and found out he had an inflammatory response, which caused an infection somewhere, so they did another operation. He was getting more sick and we didn’t know why so they did another scan and found four bleeds on his brain.

The hospital told the family there was nothing more they could do and Albie died on November 6.

“The Bristol Picu team were amazing and they loved him. They went above and beyond with his care.

“He was a fighter. Everyday was a struggle but all the way through he was amazing and never stopped smiling. He was really happy and we loved him very much.”

To donate go to https://bit.ly/2ONahQI