A FAMILY have expressed their concerns that not enough is being done to help homeless people in Bradford on Avon.

A local primary school pupil, named only as Lily, who was at the meeting with her family, asked if the council could build a homeless shelter to help or a place where food can be provided during the open question time session at Tuesday’s town council meeting.

Former mayor Cllr Alex Kay said: “We have the community fridge for that. We’re thinking of having a food exchange type shelf for people and businesses to share their produce, as phase two of that: it’s a very good idea.”

Cllr Laurie Brown added: “There is a place called The Hub on Church Street deals with food for people who are homeless and people who haven’t got a lot of money.

“We have homeless people in there everyday who are rough sleeping. Especially this time of year it is really bad so we try and have them put into accommodation

“It is not always easy, as homeless people don’t always want to go into organised places to live, so there is a difficulty with that. They will have health problems as well. But we try and look after them.

“We have council officers who work with Wiltshire Council helping rough sleepers, if we find someone who comes in who needs somewhere rather than because they’re choosing to live rough we try and do something. But we do have a problem with it, along with everywhere else in the country.

“Building a homeless shelter, it’s a bit more difficult. But if we find someone who is homeless we try to find them somewhere.”

Cllr Dan Taylor added: “The Hub is the best place to go to speak to people and find out how you can help.”

The Wiltshire Times would like to speak to Lily about this so if her family want to get in touch email: wtimes@newswilts.co.uk