A Britain’s Got Talent winner looks set to mesmerise his audience in Chippenham as part of a nationwide tour.

Richard Jones is a British magician and was the winner of Britain’s Got Talent’s 10th series in 2016.

He is a British Army soldier as well as one of the world’s greatest magicians in The Magic Circle.

Having had audiences on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions completely captivated, Richard is extending his sell-out tour of the UK.

He will be performing at The Neeld Community and Arts Centre in Chippenham on Tuesday, March 3, at 7.30pm.

The mesmerising Lance Corporal will show exactly what made him the only magician to have won the ratings-smashing BGT series.

Followed by their emotional gasps, much of the audience on the recent Champions show were reduced to tears when Mr Jones paid tribute to his veteran mentor, Fergus Anckorn – a fellow magician who died last year just before his 100th birthday.

Now, on his extended tour of Escape, Richard’s endeavours to break the boundaries of the mind with his ‘magic with meaning’ will include debuting a further twist on some of his newest, awe-inspiring magic.

In heart-warming memory of Fergus, he will be recreating some of his dear friend’s most incredible tricks, some of which the legendary soldier only ever taught to Mr Jones.

Tickets are now on sale from £21 for his performance. To buy, go to www.richardjonesmagic.co.uk/tour-dates/