MARRIED in 1960 at West Lavington Church, couple Margaret and Dennis Drewett of Devizes are now celebrating 60 years of marriage.

"We met at a pub called the Wheatsheaf in West Lavington, I was only fifteen but had known him for some time as his dad worked on the same farm as mine," said Margaret, 77.

"I invited him to our house for tea and we went for a walk with two friends of ours, who were also together, over the Lavington Hills. It was beautiful, we walked across the cornfields and talked and laughed and two years later we were married."

She added: "He's a romantic, before we were married he used to cycle three miles to see me and bring me a bunch of flowers and a Kit Kat for every day of the week. I used to work at the Co-op and he'd meet me off the bus and walk me home."

Dennis 85, reminded Margaret of when she was eight: "She asked me if I would marry her then and I said she'd have to wait until she was older."

"Margaret added: "We have nine children, 25 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. We have a wonderful family.

"We were going to have a big party and celebrate with them all, but had to cancel. We can still face-time them, but it won't be quite the same.

"I'm thrilled though, because we have had a card from the Queen. I think my daughter might have had something to do with that."

"He gets a bit grumpy sometimes," Margaret laughed, "but the secret to a happy marriage is always knowing when to stay quiet and listen to each other. We can still do a lot, like coach trips to the seaside and we like the cinema. I also like to make handmade rugs. We're very comfortable around each other. Dennis can't get around quite so easily as he used to, but we still enjoy our lives together.

"I think I'm an old-fashioned type of wife, I like to do everything for him and he's always appreciated me and I him."