ACTOR and singer Stephen Carlile has been living the high life since landing the part of Scar in the Lion King musical on Broadway in New York.

While his mother Barbara was in lock-down at her holiday home in Spain, Stephen has also been dealing with a life changed by the coronavirus scare after his show, like all others, was closed down.

The former Devizes schoolboy, 41, who made his Broadway debut in 2017 had just celebrated getting his permanent Green Card work permit for himself and wife Emily.

A week before President Trump closed theatres he had been hosting his brother Glenn along with his wife Agnieska and their daughter Sophie, four.

Barbara said: “On March 15 I had just heard that all Madrid shows were closed, now all of Broadway was shut down.

“Stephen has been working non-stop for years. He sent us a relaxed photo of them enjoying the new found freedom.

“He is now cooking, reading, drawing and walking the dog. The show is initially closed until April 12th.”