HERE are some of the views expressed by readers on our Facebook page to stories published this week.

The bins usually get you going - but this time it was the waste and recycling centres re-opening and causing long tail backs got your goat.

The council said that people were queuing from 8am in Trowbridge to use the tip and that the line in Purton was as long as an hour and a half.

DEB SAMWAYS: Ridiculous !!! Maybe booking slots might have been a better idea. Must be nearly 30 cars on Canal Road.

GETHIN EVANS: Just wait until Friday it’s supposed to rain. People seem to be more scared of rain than the virus as every time it rains there is no traffic on the roads.

KAT HOLLY: Somerset are doing a booking system. In times like these

common sense is to do a booking system.

STEVE GREEN: I would rather keep my untidy rubbish than risk spreading virus. Madness for so many to think this is ok :(

NICK WEBB: Seriously. Sums up the attitude of some people in these times, does it matter if you have a bit of rubbish in your garden? It's not like the bins have stopped being collected..

DAVINA NORRIS: I'm hoping to get up to Melksham tip soon. As a large family we don't have the bin space but do have an empty shed but still needs clearing asap.

STEVE GREEN: Totally expected! People have been storing their essential waste for weeks!

ADE MAY: Hindsight is a wonderful thing worth considering for a moment before throwing stones. I have a car load but will wait. Clearly it was going to be busy!

We reported on new regulations heading in the direction of volunteers in Chippenham making free face shields for front line key workers..

Annette Alchin, who set up Shield Wiltshire, says she and her team may be forced to stop work as the Government has brought in new regulations which will mean they must pay £5,000 to have their masks tested.

STEVE GORAL: To be fair, you can't call a safety standard "red tape." The standards are there to protect the volunteers as much as the workers as it stops them being sued if something goes wrong. If you can't produce an item safely then you shouldn't be doing it at all. They're doing amazing work but it needs to be safe.

JON DODSWORTH: I don’t think that’s the point they’re arguing. The £5k charge is the problem.

MATT STRONG: It is safe, the production is safe and the shields are massively needed by many key workers in the community. If there was plentiful PPE like this available for all who need it I'd agree but the government should at least be underwriting any fees that voluntary organisations incur in getting accreditation.

PAUL STANFORD: Tories certainly don't want anyone but themselves to profit..

Without doubt the most untrustworthy greedy government yet seen.

STEPHEN JAMES PARKER DRABBLE: Makes perfect sense to me.

Imagine a car manufacturer just making a new car without any testing.

STEVE GREEN: Any mask is probably better than no mask but if required by a professional carer then they must prove meet the appropriate safety standards, hence the Turkey shipment was rejected.

We also reported that council staff have faced abuse from parents as well as youngsters as they have tried to enforce social distancing rules at the Green Lane skate park in Devizes.

The ramps have been closed since lockdown was announced in March.

STEPHEN GUCKEL: If it's causing so much trouble, dig it up, remove the facility. It's hardly an important feature, but if those that use it value it, they will back down and abide by the rules.

STUART SEEAR: While their behaviour is unacceptable and not to be excused, I’d question the reasoning behind locking the skate parks in the first place.Kids are at very low risk of catching and transmitting the virus, they have to go outside for exercise anyway and skating by its very nature, is not done in close proximity to each other. Perhaps if they were left open and signs posted to encourage social distancing principles while using the facility, this problem would not have arisen.

STEVE GREEN: People are revolting!