Two teachers at Kingsbury Green Academy have been filling breaks between online teaching by packing lunch boxes for vulnerable people in Calne.

Alice Mitchell, head of creative arts at Kingsbury Green, and her husband Andy, teaching and learning co-ordinator for media at the school, answered a call from Calne Town Dinners to help provide a midday meal for residents who may be unable to leave home.

The pair check how many requests have been submitted first thing and make up the lunch boxes, before walking the streets of Calne to make their deliveries.

The idea has proved so popular that Innocent Drinks offered the couple 1,500 fruit smoothies, which have been distributed to eight schools who are teaching the children of key workers and to Kingsbury Green Academy itself.

Alice said that initially they found their one session of daily social distancing quite a challenge, but that has changed over the weeks.

She continued: “We love our walk now and we love putting the lunchboxes together. The Calne Town Dinner idea is a fantastic one, and hopefully it means that everyone in the town is getting a good square meal in the middle of the day, even if they have to stay in.

"And Innocent Drinks were so generous with their smoothies – I know students and teachers will really appreciate them.”

Simon Hunter at Innocent Smoothies said: “Alice and Andy have been absolute stars thinking about those in need during this tough time and we’re just happy we’ve been able to contribute to the effort with our drinks.”

Jennie Silver of Calne Town Dinners said: “Alice and Andy have been a huge asset to Calne Town Dinners. Since the lockdown they have been providing and delivering packed lunches to some of our vulnerable families. We are very grateful for all the help they have given to us and the community.”

Kingsbury Green Academy principal Jason Tudor said he was proud of his colleagues.

“Andy and Alice are great examples of the way staff here really do integrate with our community and local families, whether they have students here or not,” he said.

“Our students think the Innocent smoothies are great, too – and it’s always good to see students consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, however they take it!”