A horse that ended upside down in a ditch after being spooked was rescued by firefighters from Westbury yesterday.

The incident happened at 8.16am on Sunday morning when the horse and its rider fell into a ditch at Coulston near Westbury.

Firefighters from Westbury were supported by Bath's Animal Rescue Unit, their Papa 4 appliance and other officers, including a local veterinary surgeon called out to the scene.

A Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "When crews arrived on scene the horse was upside down in the ditch.

"The rider was released before the arrival of the Fire and Rescue Service.

"The vet arrived on scene and sedated the horse. Crews were then able to rescue the horse from the ditch with the use of a telehandler.

"The horse was relocated to the field to recover from sedation."