Police and ambulances were called to the river by Lacock as weekend crowds partied at the popular beauty spot.

Ambulance crews were reportedly abused by drunken youths - who were also using nitrous oxide.

And police said there were multiple reports of large groups of young people gathering in the village, in particular by the river, breaching social distancing rules.

"We unfortunately had over 150 young people turn up at Lacock to swim pretty much all with 80 yards of river bank," said Lacock resident Clive Shipman.

"We had two ambulances called due to alcohol related incidents the ambulance crew themselves were abused by a group of youths.

"We have had endless amounts of rubbish most of it being cleared by residents.

"One farmer has had to move his cows out due to eating litter."

Piles of rubbish including empty vodka bottles, plastic bottles, cigarettes, disposable barbecues and gas cannisters have been picked up by locals.

"Just went for a walk to collect up our lovely visitors' rubbish. Four bin bags later filled with vodka bottles, beer bottles and cans, socks. BBQs and 100's of little gas canisters and balloons," posted Jonathan Wills.

"It's like a mini festival down there! I would've picked up more but I don't have enough arms to carry it all!

"Enough is most certainly enough!

The deaths of two Swindon men in the river at Bath last weekend have prompted fears the same could happen in Lacock.

Residents are now pleading for young people to stay away, or be kept away.

"Please, we implore local towns to show good decisions and keep the young people away from Lacock and keep them safe from drink drugs," said Clive.

" Swimming in unclean water - there is a sewerage plant 500m above the so called swimming area and all the dangers that come with this let along Covid 19 and no regard for social distancing.

"No point clapping the NHS if you allow this to happen."