ACTRESS Ruth Wilson, of BBC's Luther, this week made a special delivery to health care workers in Mere.

She helped to donate over 1,000 pieces of personal protective equipment to Caroline Nicholson, manager of Bramley House Residential Care Home.

Miss Wilson's parents live in Mere and she is an ambassador for the UK Mask Force charity.

UKMF was formed by a group of medical, ex-military and procurement experts who have come together to provide PPE during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Nicholson said: “We are immensely grateful for this timely donation.

"We are required to accommodate an increasing number of residents from the local community."

"This has led to our having difficulties in securing consistently adequate supplies of PPE to protect our frontline health care workers."

Newly-appointed UKMF ambassador, Ruth Wilson said: “I fully support the ambitious vision of UK Mask Force to raise funds for the procurement and delivery of reliable PPE to many neglected health care workers who are starved of supplies and funding.”

Antony Sainthill, UKMF director said: “Many are very concerned for our frontline health care workers, and a lot of 'fake' protective equipment is being ordered directly or indirectly from overseas.

“With many contacts in the medical, military, procurement and logistics professions, we wanted to deliver a coordinated response to help hospitals, nursing homes and care providers with the right quality and quantity of PPE.

“Just £10 covers the manufacture and transportation of up to 16 surgical masks or five high spec FFP2 masks.

"So we need the public and businesses to donate and help our heroes on the frontline.

"We cannot thank those enough who have already got behind this incredible cause.”

So far the not-for-profit charity has delivered over 12,000 masks and sanitisers to various health facilities across the UK.

The charity is supported by regional businesses and other renowned ambassadors such as Reading FC captain Liam Moore, who made a PPE delivery to Royal Berkshire Hospital last week.

Dr Abraze Khalique, medical advisor at UKMF added: “One of the biggest faults is poorly fitting masks.

"We have people throughout the supply chain who can confidently source masks which are compliant with all relevant legislation.

"Prevention is critical in reducing unnecessary deaths and overcrowding in Intensive Care Units and other health care facilities.

“We will continue to source as much PPE as we can and give it to those who need it most across the UK.”