RESIDENTS in Southwick are to be asked for their views on the Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Public consultations will begin on Monday, August 10 and end on Monday, October 5.

The plan will enable the local community to influence development of the area in which they live and work.

Cllr John Eaton, chairman of Southwick Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: “With the support of the community, Southwick Parish Council decided in August 2017 to deliver an NDP.

"Southwick’s plan reflects a number of policies covering a range of themes important to the community.

"This includes maintaining open countryside of the parish to protect the character and identity of Southwick as a separate and distinct rural community."

The council hopes to ensure that any new development meets the needs of the local community and that the plan leads to a well-designed natural and built environment.

The council also wishes to safeguard and improve local community facilities and greenspaces, Cllr Eaton said.

He added: "The pre-submission draft is a formal stage of the NDP process. It is an opportunity for the NDP to be presented as a whole to the community and interested parties."

Nine documents will be made available for people to look at during the nine-week public consultation.

Following consultation, the plan will be revised taking into account any comments received and a final ‘Submission Plan’ will be prepared, ready for Independent Examination.

In the 2011 Census, Southwick had a population of 1,953 people, living in 903 homes in the village.

According to a housing needs survey in 2017, 69.1 per cent of those who responded supported some new housing development in Southwick, with the most popular option (20.2 per cent of respondents) being for between 21 and 40 new homes.

The remaining 30.9 per cent of respondents were opposed to any new housing developments taking place in Southwick.

The consultation documents are available online at:

For any questions, please contact the Southwick Parish Council clerk on 01373 864127 or 07971 987806, or email