THE Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust has pledged to provide financial support for urgent repairs to the crumbling Avoncliff Weir.

Trust chairman John Potter said they were prepared to give an undisclosed but “generous amount” depending on how much was needed.

Supporters are trying to raise £20,000 through a community campaign to make emergency temporary repairs to the weir before the River Avon water levels rise during the winter.

Bradford on Avon Town Council has already pledged £3,000 towards the cost.

Mr Potter said: “Our town’s heritage, as the name implies, has the integrity of the River Avon at its heart, and protecting that is vital.

“Preserving an historic building within the town would certainly elicit our backing, so it is without hesitation that we support this maintenance to the weir which keeps the river, which has had such an impact on our community for hundreds of years, healthy and intact. We don’t want to become ‘Bradford on Trickle’ after all.”