MANY people commented on our stories this week and here is a round up of who said what.

Face coverings dominated and our story about supermarkets updating their rules attracted many comments and policing it was also a major concern.

Monica Howell: “I would definitely feel safer shopping at Aldi or Co op then.

Adrian Boswell: If you have The virus you are a potential a killer, some people thick or only think about themselves.

Rob Geering: Masks only any use if you change them every time you touch or take it off, otherwise you risk transferring the virus from your hands straight onto your face.

Sian Rideout and Charmaine Thurston: Lidl's it is then.

Jan Anne: So the only store that will refuse entry is Aldi. The others say it’s up to the police etc to enforce it. I wonder how many will actually be fined.

Lorraine Penelhum: Yes I do know all that and I do wear a mask thanks as I have reduced immunity on chemo. Was just wondering and saying it will be interesting to see how many that don’t are actually fined. We don't have the police resources to be attending every store, watching for someone who dares to go in, without a face mask. It's your responsibility, not the store's, if you go in without a mask. Yes a store can refuse to serve you, but that would just mean a loss of a sale. Wear a mask when you go in a shop, avoid the drama, avoid the looks of disgust, and avoid a fine, it isn't that difficult really. All this press coverage, with all different advice, isn't helping anyone. Only advice that should be given is, unless you have a medical condition, or you are under 11 years of age, wear a mask.

Dominic Ross Skivington: Requiring face masks THREE months into a pandemic is like requiring condoms at the baby shower.

Andy Kemp: Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It’s an IQ test.

A story about a motorway service station operator slashing fuel prices as part of new trial was potentially good news.

Max Pow and Alex Adams: both gave it the thumbs up with Alex adding it would be good if it spreads.

The BBC looking for bad singers also attracted a comment.

Sylvia Brooks: Who do I know who'd enjoy this?”

The new law allowing you to add two storeys to a property without planning permission attracted a few comments.

Mark Arnold: And how's that going to happen..structurally?Don't believe it. He queried: Who's it aimed at?

Liam Ellis: The people with money to spend lol.

Mark Arnold: Going to need it.

Darren Hill: You would still have to follow building regulations.

Rick Brightwell: Time for a load of under pinning ££££££.

Ellie Hussey: This will open up a whole lot of neighbour disputes.

Carl Wheeler: What a joke.

Amy Cains: Shame it's only in detached properties.

The story about Molly, the cat who died after being shot for the third time, caused much outrage.

Layla Stanley: Please tell me they have caught who has done this? What sick people even enjoy doing this? Thinking of the owners, how horrific for them.

Allison Gerrish: Disgusting hope the person who did this gets caught. There is no excuse for causing a beautiful cat to suffer in this way. Cannot express what I really think of this person but in my opinion they are total scum.

The story about Lidl selling kayaks attracted a whopping 87 comments with many people tagging friends and family.

Davina Watts: People are selling um for £100 on Facebook market place already.

Jonathan Petty: People are already reselling them on eBay for £100. Beware.

We told you eating chocolate may lower your risk of heart disease according to a new study.

Hannah Jones: It certainly lowers the risk of homicide in my house.

Paula Knowlson: Not the sugar laden junk commercial chocolate. Cacao definitely good.

Rob White: This is exactly why I eat so much.

Barry Cooper: A little of anything is ok it when we get greedy.

Leanne Parson: We will be ok.

The story about Southwick village hoping to plan its growth had some people concerned. Julia Cook: The Wiltshire Council took advantage of lock down, before North Bradley parish could take a vote on its future!

Rob Cook: Developers will just ignore it and try to build where they want. Trowbridge Town Council will try to land grab like in North Bradley.

Cathy Allgood: As if the council will listen to us villagers when developers have them in their pocket.

Sheila Wakeham: Whatever you say will be ignored.