MEMBERS of the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine have staged another 'socially distanced' protest in the town's Westbury Gardens on Saturday.

This time, the group protested about the arms trade between Israel and the UK that has led to thousands of Palestinian deaths in Gaza and left 100,000 people homeless.

Group spokeswoman Judith Hammond said: "There is a close relationship between the UK and Israeli Governments. Since 2015 the UK has licensed over £376 million worth of arms to Israel.

"In addition, the UK continues to purchase high tech weaponry from Israel, advertised as 'battle tested’.”

Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and War on Want called the protest.

Mrs Hammond added: "Despite widespread condemnation by the United Nations, Human rights Watch and Amnesty International, Britain continues to arm Israel.

"We plan to link arms sales to the Build Back Better post-Covid 19 campaign. We want real sustainable security, not that which equates with military preparations and responses.

"Studies have shown we can make the transition from building weapons to building the renewable energy and sustainable technologies we need for a green recovery, which is a better use of the UK's money."