A NOVELIST is designing a Lord of the Rings-style map of Wiltshire and wants help from people living in the area to help him complete the project.

Chris Birse, 33 is seeking help to identify different megaliths, standing stones, or barrows across the county.

He is halfway through the map and hopes to complete it in the next two weeks.

He said: “I’ve started about two years ago as I was writing a fantasy novel Vinland: The Incredible Journey and I needed a map to go with the novel, just to show where the characters were going on their journeys.

“And instead of paying someone, I just thought I would give it a quick go myself. I quite liked it.”

Chris, who is from Teesside, started with his own region. “I got good feedback on it,” he said.

“I’ve done a couple of countries, but because of the coronavirus, I thought I’d just do counties.

“I’ve started with the south. I just think there’s so much history down there. But I am hoping to do all the counties in the UK.”

The Lord of the Rings fan said it takes him around a month to complete a map. He has done Devon, Somerset, Cumbria, Cornwall, Kent and Yorkshire so far.

Chris, who is a manager at Aldi, said: “I’m now working on the map of Wiltshire.

“I’ve asked people on Facebook and I want to get feedback from all across the county. There is a lot of places to add in.

“Swindon is in there. It’s such a big area, so I’ve included some of the parks.”

Freshbrook, Moredon, Stratton, Dorcan and Wanborough are some of the areas in the town that are set to make it onto the map.

He said: “I’ve been to Wiltshire when I was a lot younger. I’ve also stayed in Swindon for a week.

“I remember it being a beautiful place with a lot to do. But I can’t remember specifics, so that’s why I asked local people what they would like to see on this map.

“I want to include things that people enjoy seeing down there.”

Chris, who runs the Facebook page Fantasy World Maps, is using Photoshop to create each map.

He said: “I can’t draw using a pen and paper, but I can draw on the PC, using Photoshop. I’ve searched on Google for a map of Wiltshire and used it as a template, so I get the borders and the main locations right.

“In terms of the design process, I’m alright doing it myself at the minute.”

He encourages anyone in Swindon and Wiltshire to contact him on Facebook and send him locations they want to see on his map.

For further information visit: https://www.facebook.com/fantasyworldmaps/