DEVIZES MP Danny Kruger has been accused of undermining public compliance with the law and public trust after being photographed without a face mask on a train.

Critics said the MP should have adhered to Government guidelines stating that face coverings must be worn while using public transport.

Mr Kruger has since apologised for his "mistake" after a photograph posted on social media showed him not wearing a face covering on a train journey from Hungerford to London Paddington over the weekend.

He said: “I boarded an almost empty carriage at Hungerford and quite simply forgot to put on my mask. When I got to Paddington I realised my mistake and covered up for the rest of my journey.

“If the person had reminded me instead of taking a photo and posting it on social media, I would of course have put on my mask then and there. I do apologise for my mistake.”

But Rachael Ross, chairman of Devizes Constituency Labour Party, who stood against Mr Kruger in the 2019 General Election, said: "I am very concerned at how his behaviour undermines public compliance with the law and public trust.

“I have had several messages about our MP Danny Kruger travelling to work by train with no face covering.

"People tell me that they are fed up with the government’s double standards and mixed messages.

"By law we all have to wear masks on public transport: this is to protect others travelling in the same carriage. Does he believe that he is above the law? It would seem so.

"This is part of a pattern from some MPs of a cynical disregard for basic safety precautions which leads others to feel OK to do the same. We expect better leadership from our MP.”

Mr Kruger was ‘unmasked” by fellow commuter Edie who tweeted: "Danny Kruger, the Tory MP for Devizes, not wearing a mask for the entire Hungerford to Paddington train journey yesterday.

"Don’t blame it on the young people Boris when your own party aren’t even following your rules.”

The post attracted numerous comments on social media, most of which condemned Mr Kruger.

They included a response from Cllr Ian Thorn, from Calne, the Liberal Democrat group leader on Wiltshire Council, who said: “Oh dear. We are facing another crippling lockdown and one of our law makers forgot he needed to wear a mask on a train. You couldn’t make it up.”