CREATIVE spirits from Corsham and beyond came together this weekend to celebrate StoryTown.

The year-round project, which includes a festival each October, unites the community through storytelling.

This weekend dancers adorned the High Street and events took place both digitally and physically due to the hurdles presented by coronavirus.

At No 19, Willow Bicknell hosted the Smile Inside exhibition.

Throughout lockdown, memories had been collected from older people by charity Inclusive Intergenerational Dance (iiD) and local artists then presented those memories in various art forms. Mr Bicknell said that Smile Inside had been an “incredible” reflection of the creative people in Corsham.

Sarah Gilmartin, of iiD, added that the exhibition had allowed the charity to reach many socially vulnerable members of society throughout lockdown.

She added: “It really has been a chance to bring people together.”

Smile Inside is open until October 25.

Over the weekend dancers from Pound Ballet Studio took to the street to spur smiles and positivity alongside dancer Marie Lou. Various other events including a livestream from the Bookshop Band and presentations from various writers also took place online.

Corsham town councillor Neville Farmer said: “The weekend has been fantastic and people have been really engaged.

“StoryTown is much more than a literary festival – it uses stories to help others and draw upon creating change.

“I am very proud of Corsham and how people have come together, especially after the year we have had.”

StoryTown is led by Corsham Town Council and co-produced by Paper Nationals, who thanked Matthew Tett, Sarah Leigh, Sharon Thomas, Marnie Forbes Eldridge, Amy Spencer and Bath University for their help.