COUNCILLORS in Trowbridge have torpedoed a proposal to let NHS Blood and Transplant to stage blood donor sessions in the Civic Centre free of charge.

NHSBT is being charged £540.00 for the nine hours of time for each session it organises in the main hall.

Cllr Antonio Piazza, leader of the Tory group on the council, said the charge should be dropped for the next two months.

He said: "I find it really difficult. I think it is unethical that one public sector body is paying another public sector body. As an occasional blood donor, I found this extremely difficult to understand."

Cllr Piazza said he disagrees with the

concept of charging the NHS, especially considering that the NHS is under immense pressure to deliver its services and fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillors voted 15-4 at Tuesday's full council meeting to keep the charge.

Town clerk Lance Allan said: "They are very happy with the service they receive."