The Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital has been overwhelmed with the number of young hedgehogs being brought in.

It is now appealing for donations of fluffy towels to keep the youngsters alive.

Staff say autumn juvenile hedgehogs have been flowing in at the rate of between 7 and 15 everyday, this has been on going since the beginning of November.

"These late litters of Hedgehogs are born well into October because of our mild weather patterns. So many babies get caught out as soon as the food source disappears and the temperature drops, they find themselves rummaging about in the daylight desperate to find food to survive." said a spokesperson.

"If you spot a hedgehog in trouble, they need to be picked up and placed in a high sided box with something cosy to bed down into and brought in doors. We will never turn a hedgehog away, they need our help more than any other time of year."

Please call 07850778752 for any hedgehogs needing help or for advice