TROWBRIDGE Cemetery is being targeted by thieves who are stealing plants, pots and floral tributes from graves.

One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was left "devastated" after two shrubs were stolen from her husband's grave.

She said: “I have heard that a woman’s handbag was stolen from a vehicle parked outside the cemetery by someone visiting a grave.

“The ideverde contractors have been warning people to lock their vehicles when they visit.

“A pot was stolen from a grave earlier this year and flowers have been pulled out and thrown all over the place.

“Now they have stolen two shrubs from my husband’s grave. It left me devastated and very upset.

“I want them to catch the people responsible for doing this. It’s not the money that it costs, it’s the principle.”

Wiltshire Council confirmed three incidents of theft at The Down Cemetery in Trowbridge and one incident of damage at Westbury Cemetery.

The shocking incidents have been condemned by the council and grieving relatives whose floral tributes, plants and pots have been stolen.

Cllr Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member, said: “We strongly abhor any criminal activity at cemeteries, as this will undoubtedly have a strong emotional impact for those it affects. Our sympathy goes out to anyone who is impacted by this shocking behaviour.

“We have received three reports of theft this year, both occurring at The Down Cemetery in Trowbridge. The first of these, in January, was of the theft from a grave of a large plant pot and its contents.

“The second was of flowers being taken from a grave in October and the third of floral tributes and cards being taken from a grave following an interment in November.

“In all incidents such as these, we advise they are reported to the police by the person who has suffered the theft.”

At Westbury Cemetery, a grave was damaged by preparation work on a new grave next to it.

“The damage was repaired by the council’s contractor. We are not aware of any other incidents of theft or damage in these cemeteries."

Reports of vandalism at The Downs Cemetery appeared to have been caused by animals, the council said.