A MELKSHAM and Wiltshire councillor is to call for action after complaints about drivers queuing for McDonald's blocking other traffic on the busy A350.

Queues have sometimes built up to the Farmers roundabout and the Semington roundabout on the main road through Melksham as people queue to get into the local McDonald's restaurant on the GEC Industrial Estate off the Beanacre Road.

Now Cllr Jon Hubbard says he's going to contact Highways England and Wiltshire Council to see if they can do anything about the situation.

On resident, Jason Vick, said: "There is constant queue, which is causing mayhem on the A350 sometimes is going back to Farmers roundabout and beyond. This is not a one-off, it seems to be consistent.

"I spoke to staff in the neighbouring supermarket Aldi where staff are being late for work because of this.

"It is also stopping people from getting their essential shopping which in the current crisis is unacceptable.

"I sat in the queue myself for 40 minutes to gain access to Aldi to do my weekly shop and all for a Big Mac. It's complete madness."

Cllr Hubbard, a former mayor of Melksham and a Wiltshire councillor, said: "Back when they reopened after the first lockdown I did speak to highways about this.

"There was queuing back to the Farmers roundabout and the Semington roundabout.

"There is no obvious solution that I am aware of but I will go back to them again and see if they have got any solutions.

"The road infrastructure is such that it only takes four or five cars queuing to get in to block other traffic on the main road.

"You can't stop people who want to turn left and there is no short-term solution but what we need to do is to see whether a long-term solution can be explored."