PET detectives are this morning combing an area in Chippenham for a missing moggie called Socks.

The 11-year-old black and white cat went missing after managing to escape from a carrier while being taken to a Chippenham veterinary practice for treatment.

Simon Powell, of Chester-based Animal Search UK said: “Unfortunately Socks has not been seen since Monday, November 9 , after he unfortunately managed to escape from a cat basket in the car park of Garden Vets on the Bristol Road.

“Socks is a black and white cat and has been seen a couple of times but is still missing."

Two Animal Search pet detectives from Hereford will search the area around the Garden Vets practice in Chippenham.

They will be asking residents if they have seen Socks and appealing for information, and conducting searches of the area where Socks was last seen.

Mr Powell added: “The pet detectives will have thermal imaging cameras to help spot Socks as well as a detailed search plan to try and uncover any information.”

Pet Detective Andrew McNair, who is leading the search, said: “Very often cats are found no more than a mile away but this is an unusual case as Socks went missing and was not in his usual territory, so he may be confused.

“It’s important we try and ascertain where he may be and hope we manage to get some sightings.

"If anyone has any information please call our emergency animal hotline on 0800 4 320 340 and quote ALP391464.”

Animal Search UK, based in Chester, is the largest lost and found pet organisation in the UK.

The pet detectives are appealing to residents to please keep a lookout and help Socks reunite with his owners who are desperate to get him home.