HOLT-based marketing consultancy Content Coms has published its Creative Climate Disclosure Report.

This is the company’s second year of reporting, under the criteria of the Creative Climate Disclosure Declaration – an initiative led from within the creative communications industry to improve transparency and to highlight any climate conflicts.

The company - which specialises in communications and creative work for businesses that are focused on delivering sustainability – is one the first signatories to publish its 2019/20 Report.

Based at Glove Factory Studios at Holt, Content Coms’ Climate Disclosure Report reveals that only 1.6 per cent of its turnover (down from 4.6 per cent last year) comes from a carbon intensive industry.

The company will continue to donate two per cent of its net profits to a sustainability-focused charity; this year’s partnership is with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

For those unaware of the reporting requirements of the Creative Climate Disclosure, signatories are required to show full transparency on where their sales turnover comes from; what sizes of businesses it works with; and sales turnover by carbon intensive sectors.

Joanna Watchman, managing director said: “We believe full transparency on our activity is needed if we’re to wise up and take responsibility for our own part in climate change.

"I feel very fortunate that I’m lucky enough to lead a team that shares this view and is equally passionate about making ethical decisions within our business.

"Even during these tough commercial conditions, we’re prepared to walk away from work that does not result in a positive impact on people or the planet. This is absolutely core to our business values and way of working.

“In addition to openness, we believe in giving back – I’m very pleased to confirm our donation of two per cent of last year’s net profits to a superb, local charity, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The organisation aligns entirely with our own interests and passion for accessible nature for all.”

Content Coms’ report also covers its continued investment in its social-purpose project Work in Mind.

This web-based platform remains the world’s only information resource dedicated to healthier, better workplace buildings. Work in Mind – now in its third year - is read by 70,000-plus people in 193 countries.