SOUTH West Wiltshire MP, Dr Andrew Murrison, has welcomed the UK-EU free trade deal which was announced on Christmas Eve.

On Wednesday December 30, he voted alongside 520 other MPs who passed the deal through the House of Commons after being called back from recess.

Dr Murrison said: “It is a great result, a ringing bipartisan consensus – except for the Lib Dems and SNP who decided the UK would be better leaving without a deal, it seems.

"My hope is that this will usher in a new beginning and a cordial and productive relationship with the EU.”

Health Secretary Matthew Hancock and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson also gave updates on the UK’s Covid-19 strategy, having welcomed the regulator’s decision to grant approval to the Astra Zeneca / Oxford University vaccine on Wednesday.

Dr Murrison also welcomed the new Covid-19 pandemic restrictions which will include South West Wiltshire moving into Tier 3 with the rest of Wiltshire.

Dr Murrison added: “I loathe these restrictive regulations but concede they are necessary right now. What we learnt about the Astra Zeneca vaccine today may mean we can be rid of them sooner than we thought.

“With Brexit done and a new Astra Zeneca vaccine being rolled out, I’m hoping for a much happier New Year, my good wishes for which I extend to everyone in South West Wiltshire.”