TROWBRIDGE Town Council is to discuss offering the Civic Centre free of charge for NHS Covid vaccinations

The motion was submitted by the council’s Tory group leader, Cllr Antonio Piazza, and Cllr Edward Kirk.

The extraordinary meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, January 12 before the council's town development committee meeting.

Cllr Piazza said: “In accordance with standing orders we need two councillors and the Mayor to give the final sign off on calling one — thankfully the Mayor agreed.”

He added: “Pleased to discover that my request for an extraordinary meeting of the council has been granted by our Mayor, Cllr Peter Fuller.

“I have proposed an emergency motion to Trowbridge Town Council, with the support my fellow councillors, that we offer the Civic Centre venue to the NHS for free to help with a quick roll-out of the vaccine, if they need the venue.

“It looks as though the Liberal Democrats are also in support of the motion also, which is terrific news and I thank them for this support. Hoping that this this motion will pass.

“Our response to the pandemic, as a council, should be that of one without restraint. We must do everything humanely possible to save lives and suppress the virus until it is defeated.

"The least we can do is offer this facility to the NHS to help efforts in Trowbridge and the surrounding area."

Liberal Democrat leader Stewart Palmen and councillor Chris Hoar were quick to support Cllr Piazza’s call for the extraordinary meeting.

Cllr Hoar said: “Just heard there may be an extraordinary meeting of Trowbridge Town Council to discuss a motion put forward by the leader of the Conservatives to offer the Civic Centre free of charge for Covid vaccinations.

“If this happens and as a Lib Dem councillor I will be supporting this motion.

"I know it will be double taxation on the people of Trowbridge to cover the rent of the Civic Centre but I believe the country is now in such a mess that we need to at least offer this facility if it will help the effort. This is a good motion, and I applaud it.”

Trowbridge residents are being vaccinated via the Trowbridge Health Centre on Wingfield Road.

They are being contacted individually by the NHS to receive their vaccine when appropriate.