THE MP for South West Wiltshire, Dr Andrew Murrison, has called for an exit strategy from the third Covid-19 pandemic lockdown which began on Monday.

Speaking in a House of Commons debate, he voted to allow national lockdown measures, as parliament was recalled from recess for the second time in seven days.

Dr Murrison said he has previously been hesitant in backing blanket lockdown measures because of the toll on lives, livelihoods, and liberties.

He again emphasised that it was with a “heavy heart” that he did so, despite them being “clearly necessary” on the basis of evidence currently available and an alarming escalation in the number of cases and deaths.

But he went on to call for “more granularity on numbers (of vaccines) and a better idea as to what constitutes an exit strategy”.

Dr Murrison suggested the national lockdown might reasonably be lifted when Covid vaccination numbers had reached a level that reduced likely deaths to a level society and politicians accept in a bad year for seasonal flu.

He also noted the excess deaths caused by lockdown from non Covid related conditions, mental health issues and damage to liberty, livelihood and the economy.