THE A.C.T.S Theatre Arts School is now able to accept applications for reduced fees from families in Calne with a lower income.

The move follows a cash boost from the Calne Area Board, which has given the theatre arts school a £3,250 grant.

A.C.T.S Theatre Arts School has also launched a £56,000 gofundme appeal to raise more funds for its project to help make music, drama and dance affordable to all people throughout Wiltshire.

Organiser Chris Turner, 38, from Upton Scudamore, said: "Here at A.C.T.S we believe everyone deserves a chance to sparkle.

"That's why we are now fundraising in order to allow young people from all backgrounds to access their local theatre school or music lessons that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

"Why shouldn't the next Mozart, Judi Dench or Whitney Houston be from a less advantaged background?

"The British talent pool is larger than the middle classes and we must ensure that other backgrounds are included equally in the performing arts."

Mr Turner says that just £8 will pay for a high quality music lesson, £15 is enough to fund an eight-year-old for three hours at a theatre school, £20 funds a 16- year-old for three hours at a theatre school, while £100 opens the door to the professional world via a membership to Spotlight.

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