AN environmentally-friendly and fairtrade store in Bradford on Avon has been awarded a top ethical consumer rating.

Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket in Silver Street applied for the Ethical Consumer certification and was given a ‘Best Buy’ label too.

Owner Christine Giles, 53, of Bradford on Avon, said: “I am just really thrilled because we are ranked third or fourth behind all the vegan shops.

“I applied to for my shop to be screened, rated and then added to their supermarket guide.

"I never applied before because I have always been a bit scared about where we would be ranked.

“But guess what! Apparently Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket has not only scored 13 out of 15 but we’ve been awarded their ‘Best Buy’ label too.”

Her supermarket opens six days a week, Monday to Saturday, and offers more than 2,500 sustainably sourced, ethical, organic and fairtrade goods.

Many of them are sourced locally and from further afield from small independent suppliers.