Chippenham Town Council has declared their support for Corsham in its bid which could lead to a new railway station.

The town council has said it fully supports Corsham’s funding bid to the Department for Transports Restoring Your Railways Ideas scheme.

If successful, the fund will support a study required to strengthen the need for a new railway station in Corsham on the Bristol to London main line.

Chief executive of Chippenham Town Council, Mark Smith said: “I’m pleased that the Town Council were able to support Corsham Town Council in their bid to develop a new station at Corsham which will benefit the Chippenham community and the environment through reduced congestion.”

The council boss has written a letter of support to Wiltshire Council backed by the town’s Planning, Environment and Transport committee.

In the letter, Mr Smith wrote that a Corsham station would “significantly reduce” travel times for many passengers, and reduce traffic from those commuting to Bristol and Swindon.

“The changing way in which lives will be led in the post Covid-19 era means we have an opportunity to positively improve both travel experience and the environment for local people and those in the big cities we depend on for employment, retail and leisure facilities. This benefit will be amplified as the population of Corsham grows.,” the letter continued.

To read the full letter, please click here.