Kathleen Mansfield of Coronation Close in Pewsey has just turned 100 years old.

She got the traditional letter and card from the Queen, and spent her big day answering phone calls from well wishers.

She was even gifted a sponsored donkey called Coco.

“Mum is very popular in the village,” said one of her two daughters Margaret.

“She has had bouquets of flowers and the phone has been ringing a lot.”

She was also treated to afternoon tea, courtesy of Pewsey village volunteers from the Pewsey Community Coronovirus Assistance team.

She was also given another bouquet from a local florist and a birthday balloon from Around The World.

Kathleen moved to Pewsey aged 10, having been born in Connock.

Her father worked as the head gardener at Haybrook House, and she lived at Haybrook Cottage.

She worked as a nanny and a housekeeper from the age of 14 for another family in the village.

She spent her day talking through the window of her home to visitors and passers by.

“We would have done something more,” said daughter Margaret. “But with lockdown and the pandemic, we did what we could and made the best of it. Mum isn’t one for a big fuss anyway. Everyone has been very kind, and the PCCA have been wonderful.”

Kathleen also had a visit from her other daughter, Rosemary and family.

Kathleen has three grand children, Andrew, Lesley and Lucy.

And she has five great grand children, Joshua, 21, Georgina, Louisa,and 9 year old twins Isobel and Henry.