A BLUE toy elephant from Calne has been posted on the internet as the star of his own photographic travel blog as he travels across the continent.

Elephonse has been featured on website www.toyvoyagers.

com as he travels with his owners Steve and Helly on their honeymoon to France.

With each step of his trip, his owners have left a blog and taken a photo of the toy at landmarks throughout the journey.

The voyage takes readers from Calne to Dover before Elephonse arrives in France and has his picture taken at places such as Utah Beach and Cherbourg.

The beloved toy, who is 40cm tall and weighs 10g, is described as living in his owner's 2CV car in Calne. He is one of many to be featured on the Toyvoyagers website.

Among his top life ambitions is to live in France, meet a real elephant, visit the 2CV French National in Dunkirk in 2008 and to visit southern Ireland.

The website has just been chosen by web giant Yahoo as one of its 40 most creative, innovative and amusing sites in the UK this year.

Other toys telling tales of their travels include Phileus Frog, Stuart Seal and Felix the Frog, all of which have photo diaries depicting their travels on the site.

Last week Yahoo launched it's Annual Finds of The Year campaign for the sixth year running.

The 40 sites chosen are broken down into eight categories that will then be voted on by a panel of experts.

Categories include travel, the weird and wonderful, charitable, shopping and educational among others.

The public will get to have their say in the People's Choice Awards by visiting www. yahoo.co.uk/finds2007, with the winners will be announced on January 16.