LOCAL employer, apetito and its sister company, Wiltshire Farm Foods, has appointed Jethro Lawrence to the role of Development Chef within its business.

Mr Lawrence is the former head chef at the 2 AA Rosette Woolley Grange Hotel in Bradford on Avon and was a BBC MasterChef: The Professionals’ quarter-finalist in 2014.

He will be working closely alongside the company’s in-house dietitian, Emily Stuart, and the existing team of chefs headed by Phil Rimmer and based out of Canal Road in Trowbridge.

Mr Lawrence, 36, was initially one of eight top chefs that were handpicked from across the South West during the pandemic to help develop the highly successful Culinary Inspirations range for apetito, and Summer Kitchen menu for Wiltshire

Farm Foods in what was described as ‘a unique approach to product development’.

He said: “Working with apetito across the development of Culinary Inspirations and the Wiltshire Farm Foods Summer Kitchen range was a great experience – so much so, that when the company was looking for a new development chef, I welcomed the opportunity to join this dynamic team on a permanent basis.

“When we – as chefs – create dishes for consumers in a restaurant, a pub, or a hotel, it is a very different approach to creating tasty and nutritional dishes for nurseries, across a variety of different needs.

“Dishes need to take into account the requirement for elements such as nutritional value, specialist diets and, of course, meals that are ‘free-from’ the 14 known allergens.

"There are many complexities involved, which are fascinating and challenging and, what is most important, is creating dishes that people will love and enjoy.

“Creating a menu using locally-sourced ingredients that remain true to the provenance of the West Country is a passion of mine and pairs with the company’s commitment to using sustainably-sourced ingredients."

"It is a tremendously exciting time in the company’s development, and I’m delighted to be on board.”

Phil Rimmer, head development chef said: "It’s terrific to have Jethro join our team on a permanent basis.

"He is undoubtedly a very talented chef and a household name further to his appearance on MasterChef where he was a quarter-finalist."

“Jethro adds a new dimension and great value to our meals development programme, and our customers are also excited that we are bringing in fresh innovation and talent which they in turn can present to their residents, patients and pupils."