A VIDEO showing the possible routes for the proposed Melksham bypass has caused a stir in Wiltshire.

Last week, Wiltshire Council put out a video showing the proposed options for the preferred A350 Melksham bypass proposals.

Many showed some support for the proposed bypass, while others remained sceptical that it might bridge the way for more housing in the area and others said the road was needed in other parts of the county.

Cabinet member for transport, Mark McClelland said: “The proposed A350 Melksham bypass will help to improve connectivity on this important north-south route through Wiltshire.

“If approved, the new 9km road would reduce journey times, ease congestion and have a positive impact on air quality in the town."

One commenter, Jon Reeves, said: I hope this is not a single carriageway as represented by the model. It would be very short-sighted if it were to be, especially given the disruption around the A350 section in Chippenham whilst the carriage was widened.

“I’m pretty sure that most of the sections are going over existing flood planes so I doubt it will be used to service future building work.”

However, Lesley Phillips said: “I thought Melksham had a bypass, improve that and tack a bit more on for Beanacre.

“Do not ruin any more green fields and wildlife.”

This sentiment was echoed by Susan Morgan, who said: “It will be housing with very small gardens with no corridors for existing wildlife, at all. It’s a joke they (Wiltshire Council) agreed to a climate emergency.”

Across social media, our readers gave their opinions on the proposed A350 Melksham Bypass with many suggesting their towns needed a bypass too.

Dozens of comments asked why Westbury has not received a bypass with one commenter asking: “What has Westbury done to be ignored all these years?”

Mark Lennon wrote: “Westbury has half a bypass to the west, just needs extending over the railway to the industrial estate to the north, and connecting into the A350 to the south.”

Dawn Steele said: “Westbury first, I think.”

“I think Westbury needs more of a bypass than Melksham does… there will just be a bottleneck for those travelling to Warminster now,” Jo Walton commented. “Plus West has all the Bath traffic avoiding the Clean Air Zone making Westbury even more polluted!”

The council is currently running a consultation on the proposed route which is set to end on Sunday, August 8 and people are invited to take part in an online engagement session which will be held on Tuesday, July 13 at 6pm.

A link for which can be found on the council’s website alongside the video.