POLICE are conducting regular patrols on the West Wilts Trading Estate at Westbury after a group of travellers moved in last weekend.

The travellers relocated from the car park at the St Denys the Minster Church at Warminster to land off Commerce Chase in Westbury.

They moved huge concrete bollards to gain access to the site after moving from Warminster on Saturday.

Westbury Police said: "We are aware of a group of travellers who have based themselves on land at the West Wilts Trading Estate in Westbury.

"Officers have visited the site to engage with the group and we are working to identify the relevant landowner to determine the next steps.

"We will continue to make regular patrols of the area but would like to remind the public that at this stage this is a civil matter.

"Please only call us if you have concerns about criminal matters, which should be reported to us by calling 101, or 999 in an emergency."

The travellers caused problems for the police and local councils in Melksham and Trowbridge by parking up illegally, as well as leaving behind rubbish, before moving to Warminster.

St Denys the Minster deputy churchwarden Sheila Pomeroy said: "The group said they would leave on Saturday and they did. We did not have to issue an enforcement notice.

"They left behind some mess but it was not as dire as we feared it would be."

Deputy church warden Sheila Pomeroy said the travellers had blocked their car park's use for weddings, christenings and funerals, as well as other community events.

Mrs Pomeroy said: “The car park is owned by the Diocese of Salisbury and the police have been informed."

“It’s a nightmare. We are not going to be able to use the car park until they leave. It’s just as well we have no weddings or funerals booked.”

The travellers moved to Warminster after being issued with an enforcement notice by Wiltshire Council to leave the Stallard Recreation Ground in Trowbridge by 10am on Wednesday.

One resident said later: “They’re in Warminster now at the Minster Church car park in Bath Road. It won’t be nice when they leave.

“You only have to visit Stallard park near the train station. Dumped waste, garden furniture, human excrement in bushes etc. I saw it for myself earlier today.”

Last week, the travellers were parked up illegally at the Bowerhill playing fields before moving on to the Bath Road car park next to King George V playing field.

At Bowerhill, they left behind a van-load of waste and human excrement was found near the hedgerow. They were issued with enforcement notices to leave both sites before turning up in Trowbridge overnight on Sunday/Monday last week.