CLEM Morfuni has completed a deal to purchase Swindon Town and has been confirmed as the club's new owner.

In a statement released by the club on behalf of Town's new owner, Morfuni expressed his excitement, relief and pride surrounding the news before telling fans: "you've got your club back."

The Australian said a football club is something the whole town should take pride in and it is his hope that he can leave Swindon Town "in a much better place" than he has found it when his tenure comes to an end.

Morfuni later thanked every supporter who he said "fought for their club and helped me to gain control," and the owner believes he is indebted to everyone who made it happen.

Going on to express his aims and intentions for Swindon, Morfuni announced he wants to come top of a fan engagement survey - the very same survey in which Town finished bottom of all 91 professional clubs two years in a row when it was last published back in May.

He also said his "minimum aims" are to: "build a sustainable Championship club; to own the County ground 50-50 with the fans; to very significantly improve and fully modernise the County Ground; to find and fully develop our own training ground; to have the best academy outside of the Premier League; to have a young first team with high-quality players that have come through the academy; to have a fan base that is growing and where as many as possible of the children in the town and surrounding communities are Swindon fans and their heroes are Swindon players."

Town's new owner made a series of commitments in his statement surrounding his financial involvement too.

Morfuni said he will not take any money out of the club as he "does not need to" but that he will invest his money and time, and that he will be in the country as much as possible due to not wanting to be an "aloof owner on the other side of the world."

Morfuni went on to say: "I want to go on this journey with you, I want to be in the town end with you.

"My aim isn’t to use the club as a vehicle to pay for my lifestyle. I will provide full transparency of the financial position of the club at all times."

In the lengthy statement, the Australian addressed questions over why he wanted to purchase Swindon in the first place. He gave two reasons for this - one he said was down to the face he is "the biggest football fan in the world", while the other is that he is a "complete Swindon Town fan" now after being introduced to the club by Zavier Austin - who is set to join the advisory board - seven years ago.

The Australian ended his statement by saying he is "fully aware" of how difficult the situation is that he is inheriting but that he is "excited" by the challenge of "turning this great club around."

Morfuni called for unity from everyone involved in the football club in order to take Swindon "back to where it belongs."