HOLLYWOOD film crews and Oscar winning actors could be on their way to Lacock this spring as the village is eyed up for a role in a horror blockbuster.

The news comes just months after the penultimate Harry Potter movie was filmed in the village attracting fans and a media flurry.

If plans to reshoot the 1941 horror film The Wolfman go ahead in March, stars Benicio Del Toro (Traffic) and Sir Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) could shoot scenes in the village.

The period production, set from 1890 to 1905, is being produced by Universal Pictures and follows the life of Laurence Talbot, a successful actor who returns to his ancestral home to find his missing brother. The story then unfolds into one of folklore and werewolves.

Film bosses have told residents they will pay them £300 for each house affected by design requests and £100 to each household which has parking affected due to filming.

Leo Stevens, chairman of the Lacock Tenants' Association said there had been around 50 people at a meeting on Tuesday.

He said: "The production people explained what their requirements would be and I think that people in Lacock are generally in favour of filming. They are used to it.

"I think the film company will get in touch with those that will be affected nearer the time to sort out compensation."

Mr Stevens, who is also vice chairman of the National Tenants' Association, said he was looking forward to the proposed filming.

He said: "I have been tasked with finding a blacksmith for the film company too as they want to create a blacksmith's shop for shoeing horses. I do have someone in mind."

Mr Stevens said he believed other scenes were due to be shot in Castle Combe.

The film company said in a letter they were hoping the Tithe Barn would be the main location for filming, including inside and outside shots.

Plans include filling the inside of the barn with large blocks of ice, to recreate an ice house, used for the storing of bodies. This scene would involve Benicio Del Toro's character visiting the ice house, where his brother's body is being held.

To light the scene, crews would need to use scissor lifts on the outside of the barn on the corner of East Street and High Street.

The film company also wants to shoot scenes of a blacksmith at work forging silver bullets - this could be filmed at the rear of the Tithe Barn, or in Plan B, in a garage by the side of number 13 High Street. If Plan B is adopted, it is likely the school and post office will feature in the scene.

The Werewolf film has been given a proposed start date of March 13 and if the Tithe Barn is used the film company will pay the National Trust a direct location fee.

However, film bosses have said if they use the High Street instead they will pay £5,000, which will be split between the National Trust and Lacock Parish Council.

Filming is likely to take place over one day.

Internet movie sites suggest The Wolfman is due for general release in 2009.