A WILTSHIRE pub landlord has been left devastated after a gang of thieves stole his cherished Harley-Davidson motorcycle from outside his premises.

Keevor Stacey-Brown, 52, says a gang “targeted” his black and purple Ultraglide on Bank Holiday Monday (August 30).

The massive Ultraglide, which weighs 562kg, was snatched in broad daylight from outside the White Swan in Church Street, Trowbridge.

“I am absolutely gutted,” said Mr Stacey-Brown. “I am heartbroken.

“I have owned the bike since 2006 and it was always left parked outside the pub.

“We are a rock pub and we like to encourage motorcycle enthusiasts.

“We believe that the gang targeted the bike. I have been away from the pub a lot over the past three months.

“They knew exactly how much it weighed and how many men it would take to lift it and carry it away.”

Mr Stacey-Brown is now offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the bike, which is worth around £18,000.

CCTV footage shows the eight-strong gang pulled up in a white van outside the pub, then picked up the bike and lift it inside the vehicle.

“They just jumped out, whipped the bike and then left,” Mr Stacey-Brown said. “The van was later found burnt-out at Southwick.”

All of the men had covered their faces and the van’s number plate was covered to obscure the registration in the CCTV.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “I can confirm that we are aware of the theft of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle from outside the White Swan Pub in Church Street, Trowbridge on August 30.”

Mr Stacey-Brown and his wife Brunhilde, 57, who is known as Bee, have run the White Swan for the past 15 years.

He added: “I have owned motorbikes all my life and this was the one bike I have always wanted. I think it was stolen to order.

“They won’t be able to start it without a key so it will probably be made into a different bike or broken up for spares. I would imagine they will try to give it a different identity but it is not easy to do.

“Apart from my wife, my children and my dog, the bike is the most important thing in my life.

“It has been one of the things that has defined my life in Trowbridge. People know me and they know the bike.”