A couple celebrated their wedding in their own unique way – and brought their home town to a standstill in the process.

Long-distance lorry driver ‘Flash’ Gordon Hacker, who has travelled the length and breadth of the UK and Europe for the past 30 years, married Julia Palethorpe in Westbury on Friday – his 54th birthday.

And the happy bride and groom both travelled to the ceremony at Westbury Conservative Club in Alfred Street in a pair of massive Scania truck cabs.

Julia, 54, was chauffeured to her wedding by Gordon’s boss Trevor Skuse, of T W Skuse & Son, while Gordon was driven in his own cab by his boss’s wife Kate.

Julia, a mother of eight children and five grandchildren, said: “It was an absolutely fabulous day. I have been married twice before but I have never been so excited.”

The mum and grandma raised her children alone and moved to Westbury with her children back in 2009.

She was introduced to Gordon in 2012. He has two children of his own from a previous marriage.

The couple got engaged in Budapest in August 2019 on a River Danube cruise holiday and thought they’d soon get married.

But they were forced to put their wedding plans put on hold four times due to the Covid restrictions, finally tying the knot.

First, there was the Covid lockdown, then the Rule of 20, then the Rule of 30 and finally White Horse Country Park cancelled on them.

The wedding ceremony was led by community celebrant Lucy Till.

“It was brilliant and Lucy was great,” said the new bride, who is now known as ‘Mrs H’.

Her flower girls were two of her grandchildren, Evalyn and Ellie, while her friend’s grandson, Logan, joined them in her cab drive to the ceremony.

The page boys were Riley and Arthur, who travelled to the venue in Kate’s truck with Julia’s son Dean and Gordon.

The Scania truck cabs were specially cleaned for the occasion and decorated with ribbons to carry them to the venue.

The wedding colours were mint green and pink, and Julia wore a 1960s full-skirted dress with a nipped waist, while Gordon donned a navy chequered suit.

They were joined by their family and closest friends, with many more joining for the evening reception.