VILLAGERS mounted the next stage of their fight to protect a playing field by having it legally designated as a village green.

It was previously presumed that Northfield was owned by the village but in July the playing field was sold at public auction for £66,500 to an anonymous bidder.

The green space has been enjoyed and maintained by the community since the Tyning estate was built, the parish council told the Times.

Chairman of Winsley Parish Council Ed Gilby said: “New owners have fenced it off to prevent public use.

“To preserve this land as a recreational village amenity for future generations, Winsley Parish Council submitted an application to Wiltshire Council to register the land as a village green.

“This process has now reached the consultation period in which people can support our proposal.

“Winsley residents have been hugely supportive of the efforts to protect this cherished facility for our village, and members of the public anywhere in Wiltshire or beyond, are asked to support it.

“If the application is granted, the land will be secured for the community to continue to use for play and recreation into the future, just as they have done for the last 60 years.”

To make a representation on the bid, residents are encouraged to email Janice Green of the rights of way team ( or write to the council at County Hall.

The land is part of the Tyning Road housing estate in Winsley which was built in the 1960s.

The parish council has now launched a bid to designate the space as a village green which requires a public consultation.

Having a green space become a village green is the only means of protecting land through the planning system. A village green is any space where “local people indulged in lawful sports and pastimes”.