A NEARLY £500,000 walking and cycling scheme will be installed in Trowbridge with the aim to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

During the pandemic, Wiltshire Council put in a temporary cycle lane on Hilperton Road, Trowbridge.

This scheme will now be removed and replaced with a more permanent 3m wide lane for a larger stretch of the road.

Council officials say the scheme will come at the cost of £480,000 – made up mostly of housing developer contributions – and will include road resurfacing too.

The works will involve widening of the footway to create a separate footway and cycle track for pedestrians and cyclists, plus signal-controlled toucan crossings.

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It is said the new scheme will not impact the flow of two-way traffic on the road.

The new scheme will begin at the County Way roundabout with the installation of a new toucan crossing at the end of Hilperton Road.

From here the road will meet Bellefield Crescent to the north and the existing shared use path to the south.

The cycle track then continues along Hilperton Road, with a raised table giving priority to cyclists and walkers across Stancomb Avenue.

Finally, there is a new toucan crossing close to Quarterway Lane, and the lane will be resurfaced to make it suitable for cyclists.

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Cabinet member for transport, Dr Mark McClelland said: “These new walking and cycling facilities will make it easier and safer for people to choose to walk and cycle for short journeys rather than take their car.

“This is particularly helpful for the three schools in the area, as it will give children and their parents a safer route to and from school on foot, by bike or on scooters.

“We know that not everyone can leave the car at home to walk or cycle, but for those that can, this new route will help.

“Creating safer and more convenient routes for walking and cycling, particularly for shorter journeys, will help our residents to live healthier lives, reduce the number of vehicles on our roads, lower carbon emissions and improve air quality.

“Work will start in January 2022, and we look forward to the new facilities being complete by the spring.”