COUNCIL leaders are at odds over plans to restrict HGVs on Cleveland bridge in Bath. 
Wiltshire Council blasted plans by Bath & North East Somerset Council (BANES) to extend the controversial clean air zone (CAZ) to ban trucks on Cleveland Bridge. 

The bridge is already covered by the CAZ charges for high-polluting vehicles but these new proposals would stop HGVs over 12 tonnes from passing over it full stop.

A council spokesman said this could have a detrimental impact on traffic and air quality in Wiltshire.

Leader of the council, Richard Clewer said the authority was not consulted on the plans and that many other options could have been explored to deal with the air quality issue.

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“I will not condone any proposal which simply shunts polluting vehicles away from Bath on to Wiltshire’s roads and has an adverse effect on communities and residents in West Wiltshire,” Cllr Clewer added.

“I can confirm that Wiltshire Council will formally oppose any proposal that (to summarise Defra’s guidance) ‘…results in the displacement of the most polluting vehicles…to surrounding areas’.”

Cllr Clewer also stressed the need for the councils to work together with other agencies.

Leader of BANES council, Kevin Guy said the authority remained open to working with its neighbours.

“The report which will be considered by my cabinet next week sets out the aspirations of my administration and the basis for future conversations,” he continued.

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“After you accepted our invitation to the Guildhall in Bath this year to discuss transport, you said you would reciprocate, I have not yet received any return invitation from you or your chief executive.

“I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your officers to discuss the position in more detail and I hope we can arrange to do so as soon as possible.”